Our Philosophy


Everyone loves to see a child learning happily. But there's a lot that goes into making it possible.
At Aditya Public School, we always knew that creating a happy school atmosphere aids joyful learning. While we always believed this in our hearts, it was even better when the facts and figures backed our belief.
Now there are solid research findings that suggest happy children perform better at academics, learn faster, and have open minds that eventually make them more successful, and perhaps, wealthy individuals.
Today, every little detail in Aditya Pubilc School is based on this research and on our own experience garnered over nearly four decades in the field of education. So, from space planning to designing the curriculum, and from size of the classrooms to selection of teachers, we've left no stone unturned to ensure that our children are 'Happy At School'.
We are taking every step to ensure happiness becomes the firm root that gives our children the wings to excel in academics, explore co-curricular activities and inspires them to soar high.


To nurture the unique potential of younger learners and ignite their minds through enrichment and value based education in a creative and innovative framework so that they emerge as responsible thinking and sensitive global citizen conscious of their obligations towards the common welfare.


To create a happy learning ecosystem for children, which enables them to grow emotionally, academically and physically.

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