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To remain true to our approach of maximum attention to every child, we have a teacher-student ratio of 1:25, which is ideal even by international yardsticks.
We strive to make the learning sessions more interactive by dividing the children into groups and then asking questions or assigning tasks. This not only broadens their horizons, but also develops strong interpersonal skills from a very early age.
Finally, our teachers have been selected not just for their qualifications and experience, but also for their passion for teaching. Facets that ensure they bring happiness while teaching and the children experience joy while learning.


We have given great thought to developing the sports curriculum for children, keeping in mind their overall growth requirements. We feel sport is not just a tool for acquiring physical fitness, but also necessary to build mental robustness and boost the ability to make quick and wise decisions.
We have made space for both participants and spectators for an array of indoor and outdoor sports. The limited student intake per class also guarantees that every child has optimum access to all the sports equipment.


Soft Ball
Soft Ball
Volley Ball
Volley Ball



Safety & Security

The CCTV-fitted classrooms and corridors reflect our uncompromising outlook towards the safety of our children. We also have a well-equipped sick bay within the school premises in case any child requires emergency medical attention.


Ours is perhaps the only school in Rohrai  where teachers travel to and fro with children in their buses. Obviously, our care and safety checks begin right from when the children are being picked up and continue till when they are dropped back.
Aditya Public School has a well-scheduled and tested transportation model. Being technology enabled, the system also allows us to keep a watchful eye on all school buses and get timely updates on pick-ups and drop-offs at all times.


No crowded classrooms, no closed environs, just children-friendly spaces with spacious, airy and well-lit classrooms and corridors. The classrooms have been planned to bring out freedom as well as instill discipline, as both are equally essential during the learning process in school.


We would never want our children to remain restricted within the four walls of their classrooms. We like them to discover and explore the fascinating world outside their books. Field tours and gardening are just small efforts to bring them closer to nature.

Co-Curricular Activities:

For us, it's not 'extra' curricular, but a spectrum of activities that forms an integral part of the curriculum and learning process. In order to nurture childrens’ inclination towards art, we have activities like painting, music and origami. Every student also undergoes dedicated hours of music training, be it vocal or playing an instrument. We believe music relaxes as well as opens up the mind.

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