About Aditya Public School

Imparting education is almost like watering and nurturing tiny saplings and watching them grow into large and beautiful trees. Just like how the big, strong tree needs deep, strong roots, children too need a firm foundation in order to turn into successful individuals. At Aditya Public School, we believe that we are helping build this foundation, from a very early age, through our unique approach to learning.

Why Aditya Public School?

We have taken utmost care to ensure a safe and child-friendly learning environment. This also includes facilities set up to aid practical learning and ensure all-round development of the children. With large spacious classrooms, highly skilled teachers and future-proof infrastructure, we offer a modern approach to education that few schools in Rohrai can match. What ïs more, a healthy student-teacher ratio and a flexible approach to learning mean that each child can learn at his/ her own pace without feeling burdened.

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